the leptin diet

Weight Loss Programs For Women


The desire to maintain the figures of our youth has been an ongoing endeavor for many women throughout generations. Work, childbearing, stress lack of beneficial activity, age and a hurried lifestyle all tend to play a role in our overall health. Thus it is little wonder why the quest of weight loss programs women can fit into their busy lives is ever ongoing. Lets face it, not all weight loss programs for women are alike. With the vast number of programs promising weight loss for women available, most seem like a cookie cutter style of weight loss. No wonder many women become frustrated and give up on dieting and working out at all. Just as no two women are alike neither are two-or more body types alike either. Your weight loss goals should target a program geared to your unique female body, foods that promote treating cellulite are extremely beneficial in helping you achieve lasting results to a healthier and shapelier you!

Using Your Hormones To Lose weight:

A diet that enlists the aid of a females’ hormones along with her metabolism is a diet guaranteed to succeed bar none. Have you ever noticed how men seem to have less trouble losing weight and toning up than women? Well, estrogen is the culprit. Estrogen promotes fat storage, saving a good supply of fat for possible future hard times. Men lack the estrogen hormone and thus their bodies shed the pounds with much more ease than their female counterparts. So just how can we utilize our bodies hormones to safely and effectively loose weight? The Internet, Television, radio, newspaper and magazine adds are all about one miracle pill or herb and the like. Women, desperate for a thinner healthier body fall prey to such scams, some even acquiring health conditions from the use of these ‘miracle’ products only to find them to be completely ineffective if not completely dangerous. But their is irrefutable hope for all women. Read on..

Weight Factoring Hormones:

While estrogen-a gene shared by females naturally stores fat, leptin is a very important hormone that controls both weight loss and weight gain in females and also helps to keep or regain the feminine shape we all want. Leptin regulates how energy is used along with our bodies intake of energy. Leptin also governs appetite, hunger, metabolism and behavior. This is one of the most critical fat derived hormones. It commands the formation of fat as well as its release into our bloodstream and consequently the burning of fat. Essentially, when fat levels decrease the leptin levels also decrease and vice versa. A decrease in fat and leptin levels triggers appetite and hunger until both levels are satisfied from the formation of adipose tissue. Working out with a vengeance will have little effect on losing weight if leptin levels are insufficient to releasing fat into your bloodstream. Leptin can be beneficial to successful weight loss but it can also be a hinderance in losing weight. Simply put, your leptin levels need to be high to achieve weight loss. Without the proper leptin level any amount of exercise and weight lifting will be an exhausting and very ineffective result towards losing weight.

Finding a weight loss program for women that understands hormones:

These days most weight loss programs focus on the quick fix, ignoring effective long term strategies to losing weight.  It’s important to find a weight loss program that understands how a women’s body works and will work at increasing the levels of leptin in a women’s body.  That why we recommend the Venus Factor.  To learn how the Venus Factor can help you achieve your long term weight loss goals, click here.


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