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The Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight – Nuts and Berries

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Due to the increase in processed and ready fast foods, many people are struggling with weight loss and belly fat issues. People adopt extreme weight loss measures that backfire, cost a fortune or do not offer the desired results. What people do not realize is that, they can easily lose weight through eating the right food types such organic berries and raw nuts. Below are the weight losing properties in nuts and berries.

What foods to eat to lose weight:

Organic berries

Organic berries are  nutritious and high in antioxidant properties.  They also contain high levels of vitamins and minerals. Berries make you feel full for long ; thus, you lose body weight and burn belly fat.  Organic berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries contain an abundance of fiber. Fiber impedes the absorption of carbohydrates and takes longer to be digested. Fiber also helps regulate blood sugar levels. Therefore, you feel full for long hours. This also means that you get to burn belly fat since you do not consume a lot of foods or calories.

Fresh berries such as; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and acai berries contain high water content. The high water content creates volume, juiciness and no calories at all. This means that you will feel full and reduce your calorie intake after eating berries.

It is important to find organic berries at the grocery store.  Non-organic berries are often sprayed with pesticides and herbicides which are easily soaked up inside.

Organic berries are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are natural food substances that prevent oxidation and neutralize free radicals. Free radicals form as byproducts during the conversion of calories to energy. Berries are also rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid. Vitamin C boosts the fat oxidation process and burning of body fat.

To lose weight, you should consume foods such as berries that contain low energy density. During the weight loss process, you should consume foods that are low in calorie and make you feel full longer. These foods are high in fiber, water content but low in fats and energy.


Nuts are foods rich in nutrients, healthy fats and proteins that make them one of  the best foods to eat to lose weight. However, not all nuts are nutritious enough to boost weight loss.

Nuts such as; almonds and walnuts contain proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and nutrients. Eating these nuts makes you feel full thus, you crave for fatty foods and carbohydrate calories reduce. Moreover, walnuts eliminate bad cholesterol from the body system and boost your metabolic rate.

Some nuts like pistachios are low in calorie and rich in minerals and vitamins. The fat in nuts offers a taste satisfaction. Therefore, you do not feel denied or crave for fatty foods. Additionally, nuts have low glycemic index that assists in stabilization of blood sugar. This means that they are digested slowly to provide lasting energy levels and suppress cravings.

Look for raw, unroasted and unsalted, nuts as these will have the most health benefits, and will be most likely void of other ingredients that may otherwise be unhealthy.

Consuming foods that are more organic not only keeps you slimmer and healthier, but also helps live longer. Organic berries and nuts contain more nutrients that aid in weight loss such as Vitamin C. However, to achieve your ideal weight loss results, eat berries and nuts alongside a healthy diet that contains more vegetables and fruits.





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